They're famous! Ever since makeing the cover of DIME Magazine, our little Elves have become so popular!

With popularty come a lot of questions, so please use this FAQ to help your purchasing decisions.


There are so many options, What do I buy?

  1. If you just want the pattern for the 22 inch doll, purchase this product located here: Christmas Elf Doodley Doll Main Pattern
  2. If you want everything (All the ITH embroidery parts, accessories, and the patterns) purchase the SUPERSET here: Elfis & Elfira Doodley Christmas Elves Doll - SUPER SET. Please note: This set will include many different sizes of the ITH accessories, but the pattern is for the 22 Inch doll only. We include these sizes for your flexibility and creativity. Using any sizes other than the recommended ones for the 22 Inch doll, will require you to adjust the dimensions of the main pattern.
  3. If you want to purchase the designs one by one, please take a look at the page below for all the parts.


What sizes are used in the magazine article for the 22 inch doll?

Mitten Left & Right 3.74" x 4.92"
Boot Left & Right 4.89" x 5.12"
Ears Left & Right 3.20" x 2.72"
Elfis Face 4.5" x 1.94"
Elfira Face 4.5" x 1.80"
Holly 1.46" x 2.23"

Do you have any more instructions?

Try checking out our BLOG Post here.