Garner Embroitique Exclusive Patterened Fill Stitch Block Monogram Font

what isn't there to love about this stunning EXCLUSIVE embroidery set?  A beautiful patterned fill stitch that is just perfect for blankets or towels, but would be wonderful on any project.

1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", 4" & 5" sizes included

A-Z 0-9 &? included


This font does include BX files that can be used with Embrillance software.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Embrilliance.





Old price: $7.49

This product is electronically distributed.

Sizes Included: 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", 4", 5"

Design Dimensions: (0.96" x 1.03"), (1.57" x 1.46"), (2.11" x 1.96"), (2.65" x 2.46"), (3.19" x 2.96"), (4.28" x 3.96"), (5.36" x 4.96")

Stitch Count: 1068, 1979, 3067, 4505, 6169, 10283, 15393


***Stitch counts and dimensions for each size are based on the capital A.



This font includes BX format to be used with Embrilliance software.  The installer files are included in the zip file selected for your machine type.  Embrilliance offers a basic FREE software to use to that will allow you to easily type names and phrases on your computer keyboard and save to one file/design for your embroidery machine. Visit for additional options and features available with the full version of this software.