Bridget Monogram Set 2 - Small - Beautiful Calligraphy Swash Interchangeable Machine Embroidery Alphabet font - BX files included

This set includes 3 sets of lowercase alternates to be used withBridget Set 1 and Bridget set 2.

Note - this set does not include capital letters or the basic lower case letters.  The basic lower case letters are in set 1 only.  Alternate capital letters and additional lower case alternates are in set 2.  All of the Bridget sets are designed to work together to swap in and out alternate letters to create beautiful names, words and phrases.  Thsizes are proportionate to the capital A in each set.  The files are named cap, low, and low 2 to distinguish each set of lowercase letters.

BX installer files are included in the zip file for each format.

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