Beloved Alternates Set 2 - Beautiful Calligraphy Monogram Alphabet 1", 2", 3" - EXCLUSIVE

**update** Orders placed after 4/7/2016 will have .bx files for Embrilliance added to your order free of charge.  Just select the format needed for your machine.  Purchase prior to 4/7/2016 must purchase .bx files separately.

This is set 2 of 5 alternate sets that can be used along with our Beloved Basic Monogram Set.  You will recieve 3 different options for all upper and lower case letters in 1", 2", and 3" sizes. This is equvilant to 3 complete alphabets!  Pictures are included to help identify the different letter options along with the naming convention.  This set includes stylistic sets 04-06 (ss04-ss06).

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