Buttercup Monogram Set Alternates 4 - Small

Buttercup Monogram Set Alternates 4 - Small

**update**  BX files are included in the zip file for all formats


This alternate 4 set is designed to be combined with the Buttercup Basic Set and the other alternate sets.  It provides fancy letter "upgrades" to be mixed with the basic set.  It can be used by itself as well.  Mix and match all of the Buttercup Sets!   Each letter is an individual file.  260 files included.

If you prefer to purchase the SMALL VERSION of the Buttercup basic set with the first 4 sets of Alternate letter options at a discounted rate, you may do so HERE.

.5", 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5" - Uppercase & Lowercase - Satin Stitch

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