You will receive 1 size of each of the elements used to create our adorable Christmas Elves - Elfis & Elfira.  The designs included in this bundle require a 5x7 hoop, and are proportionate to the Christmas Elf Main Pattern (sold separately).  You can purchase the MittensBootiesEarsElfis faceElfira face, & Holly separately - or grab our Christmas Elf Super Set and get everything all at once in a bunch of sizes to use with all kinds of elf-tastic fun!


This set includes:

Mitten Left & Right 3.74" x 4.92"
Boot Left & Right 4.89" x 5.12"
Ears Left & Right 3.20" x 2.72"
Elfis Face 4.5" x 1.94"
Elfira Face 4.5" x 1.80"
Holly 1.46" x 2.23"