Give Thanks Elegant and Whimsical Thanksgiving Holiday Design




Sizes Included:   2.0", 2.5", 3", 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 
Design Dimensions:    (1.7" x 2"), (2.2" x 2.5"), (2.6" x 3"), (5" x 4.4"), (6" x 5.2"), (6.1" x 7"), (7" x 8"), (7.9" x 9"), (8.7" x 10"), 
Stitch Count:    6379, 7995, 8007, 10250, 12792, 15228, 17836, 20225, 22811, 

We cannot support files once they have been reformatted. Please note – these are digitized embroidery designs and monogram fonts. They are not patches that you sew on. You must have an embroidery machine to work with these files and a way to transfer the files from your computer to your embroidery machine - (usb, memory card, cd, etc.). With the monogram alphabets/fonts each letter is a separate design and you must layer or merge the designs together to create names or words. If the software that you are working with doesn't allow you to merge multiple designs together – you may need additional software to utilize these sets. We are happy to recommend software to use if needed. We DO NOT support files that have been saved into a format that is not offered and we cannot test. Designs that have been re-sized will not be supported. Re-sizing a file MAY compromise the integrity of the design. Due to the digital nature of our business, we do not offer refunds for designs received. Exclusive embroidery design license from Tay Silver. for All sales are final. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email us and we will work together to resolve any issues. We are the designers and manufacturers of the machine embroidery designs that we sell. All of our designs have been files with the US Copyright Office and are protected by copyright law. They may not be copied, traded, edited, shared or resold without written consent. Designs may be stitched on items for personal use or items for sale in limited quantities (75 items or less), however the actual designs files may not edited or be resold for profit. Detailed information is included with your order.

Embroidery Designs Copyright © Embroitique LLC. All rights reserved.

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Such a beautiful embroidery design to add to your holiday celebrations and home decor.  Elegant and classy with a touch of whimsy.  Several sizes included to work with on countless projects!  Check out a few of our other Thanksgiving designs to add to your collection!